No Fault Divorce in Maryland


There comes a time, in at least 60 percent of all marriages, when it is evident that the marriage is over. In many cases, a no fault divorce can be the fastest, easiest, and least costly method for dissolving the union. In Maryland, provided both parties can get on the same page long enough to see the divorce through, Mutual Consent Divorce may be an option if certain criteria are met.

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The Mutual Consent Divorce is Maryland’s version of a no fault divorce and may be obtained so long as the following four conditions are present:

1. The parties have no minor children in common;

2. The parties file a separation agreement resolving all alimony and property matters;

3. Neither party wishes to rescind the separation agreement;

4. Both parties appear in court for the divorce hearing.

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Presently, the Maryland judiciary is considering eliminating the requirement that divorcing parties have no minor children in common thereby lessening the financial burden of divorce on an even greater number of divorcing parties.

There is no such thing as an easy divorce, however, an experienced attorney can make the process smoother and quicker.

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