All business entities can benefit from the expertise of a qualified business lawyer!


Small business owners do not know what they don’t know. They know their businesses and most likely have no desire to develop the expertise necessary to understand the legal nuances of keeping the business a going concern such as: 
1) Raising capital
2) Managing cash flow
3) Hiring, retaining and firing staff
4) Marketing and advertising compliance
5) Protecting tangible and intangible assets through the appropriate use of insurance and intellectual property agreements
6) Compliance with federal, state & local rules and regulations among other things.

In this day and age of virtual everything, it is only sensible to add a Strategic Business Attorney who works as a member of your team without the added expenses of having full time in-house counsel. As a small business, the chances of needing a full-time lawyer on the payroll are slim to none. With a Strategic Business Attorney, your business has access to a lawyer full time at just a fraction of the cost. 


Services Provided

Negotiate, draft and review all contracts
Creation of policies and procedures
Creation of employee manuals
Creation of contract templates
Corporate formalities maintenance
Updating of Bylaws and Operating Agreements
Business negotiations
Review and implementation of appropriate insurance
Federal and state compliance
Marketing and advertising compliance
HR compliance
Debt collections
Sale and Acquisition
Buy-Sell Agreements
Trademark and Copyright Applications
Trademark and Copyright Protection


Working with this firm made filing very easy. There was no stress involved. I really appreciate this process being made so easy for me from beginning to end.
— Denise M.