Every 6 seconds someone is injured in a car accident in Maryland,  the consequences of which range from a bruise to a burial. When you find yourself the victim of a car accident through no fault of your own it is imperative that you quickly assess your injuries and if possible begin to preserve any evidence.

If you are able to do so, take the following steps:


1. Determine the severity of your injuries and call an ambulance if necessary


2. Call the police and make a police report

3. Photograph the scene

4. Photograph your car

5. Photograph the at fault driver's car

6. Photograph the area where the cars came "to rest"

7. Move the vehicles from the flow of traffic if possible

8. Obtain the insurance information of the negligent driver. If the driver is not forthcoming with the insurance information, photograph the license plate

9. Get the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses

10. Call your insurance company and alert them of the accident

As soon as you are well enough, contact an experienced attorney who will advise you of your legal rights. 

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